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  • What is the difference: Mastermind vs Mentorship
    A Mastermind is more peer-led, meaning the group participants help each other out and give most of the input. In the mastermind we do not follow a curriculum or a certain plan, we are there to help each other with any issue members are experiencing at the moment. The Masterminds are led by a coach/mentor. Our group mentorship is curriculum based, but relies on the input of the other members as well as the mentor/coach. The group mentorship allows others to interact in a group setting with a handful of others who are dealing with common life issues, such as stress, anxiety, school work, peer pressure.
  • Why do you offer so many types of programs?
    Elite Minds Academy feels that it is so important that teens get access to the resources and education they need, we try to create programs that are affordable, and appealing to all types of learners. Some are great at self-paced and only need a little direction, this is where the membership is handy, and the membership is affordable. (If you know someone who can benefit from our membership, but can not afford it, please reach out to Some people may want more directed curriculum and the ability to ask questions, get feedback and answers, and likes the group setting and the input from peers. Lastly, there are some people who have a very specific goal or need personal one on one attention and they have the time to put in for this. Private mentorship is time consuming and much more expensive than the other options.
  • How can I cancel?
    For the membership, you can cancel in your portal once you sign in. The group mentorships and private mentorships, are non-refundable, please reference your contract, or please email
  • What qualifications does Suzi Freeman have?
    Suzi Freeman is a Master Trained Mother of five, and a grandmother of two. (LOL) Her kids range from 28 (daughter,) 26 (son), 24 (son), 12-year-old twin daughters. Her Granddaughter is 2 and her grandson is an infant. Suzi is Certified in: (These certificates did not come from a few hour online training course). Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner Master Life and Success Coach TIME Techniques Master Hypnotist Mental Performance Coach EQ Trained Trauma Informed Leadership Adolescent Brain Health QPR (Suicide Recognition and Prevention) Sound Healer
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