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Transform Your Teen's Social Life with Mentorship Pods at
Teen Warrior Academy

"Helping Your Kids Build Friendships & Confidence"



  • Find it challenging to join existing friend groups or cliques.

    • Joining a Friendship Pod is like getting an instant friend group.

  • Feels overwhelmed in large social gatherings and prefers to stay on the sidelines.

    • We will help work through the social anxiety that comes with this feeling.

  • Has trouble expressing themselves and sharing their thoughts or feelings with peers.

    • Our small group method will help your child learn to express themselves in a comfortable familiar setting.

  • Often misinterprets social cues and body language, leading to misunderstandings.

    • We work together as a group to identify and understand these cues and body language issues.

  • Struggles with self-esteem issues that impact their ability to form friendships.

    • We will focus on self-esteem, confidence and more to help your teen feel like they belong anywhere.

  • Feels frustrated or sad about their social situation but doesn't know how to change it.

    • Joining a Pod, lead by an experienced mentor is like an immediate friend group and that jump starts the self-esteem and belonging feeling, so that the learning process is much quicker and more fun!


  • Unlike conventional methods, we leverage NLP to cultivate long-term mental and emotional health in teens.

  • Classes feature calming music and essential oil aroma therapy.

  • Sessions begin with grounding, meditative music, or sound bath & journaling.

  • Practices are reinforced regularly to build habits and routines.

  • Sessions conclude with meditative practices, gong sound baths or hypno-meditation, and red light therapy.

  • Weekly self-care reinforcements instill a strong, ongoing habit for teens to value daily self-care.

  • Every coaching program comes with three sessions of Neurogen Brain Balancing for your teen or you. (Book separately with our trusted partner)


Benefit of the Pods

  • Gain confidence to seek out friendships

  • Learn to be a good friend and deal with challenging relationships

  • Overcome social anxiety and feel worthy of having "true" friends

  • Book Club: Discuss and share thoughts on a new book each month (book provided)

When are the Pods

Classes Start at our new Chandler Location on July 13, 2024 on Saturdays

  • Girls 6th - 8th Grade: 9:00 - 10:30 am

  • Boys 6th - 8th Grade: 11:00 - 12:30 pm

  • No lunch is provided, but we have healthy snacks, fruit, and drinks!

  • We DO NOT meet on the 3rd or 5th Saturday of the month.

Who are the Pods For

  • Teens/Tweens in grades 6th - 8th

  • Those wanting to find their tribe and build meaningful friendships

  • Kids who struggle to make and maintain friendships

  • Those looking to improve their social skills and confidence

  • Kids seeking a supportive environment to share their thoughts and feelings

Details & Pricing

  • Meet three (3) times per month (1st, 2nd & 4th Saturdays of the month)

  • 90-minute meet-ups

  • Casual Environment indoors and outdoors, in the heart of downtown Chandler.

  • Pods are separated by gender to ensure a comfortable and relatable environment

  • $2250 for 16 weeks (12 sessions)

Parents, we are right in the heart of downtown Chandler, so go enjoy a meal or a little shopping while your teen/tween is making friends and learning.

You may also work at our space, we have plenty of separate areas for that.

25 S. Arizona Place, 5th Floor - Chandler, Arizona 85225 (The Alexander Building)

Still have questions? Set up a free consultation now!

Samantha (14 yr-old-twin-boys)

"Thank you so much for being that go-to person for me and my boys. The skills you have taught all of us are life-changing. Our home is more organized chaos instead of crazy chaos, and it feels great."
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