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Welcome to the Elite Warriors Program at
Teen Warrior Academy

Our Custom 16-Week Program for High-Performing Athletes

MENTAL Performance + EMOTIONAL Wellness = WARRIOR

"Elevate your game with mental resilience and emotional wellness—unlock your true potential."

Your teen is capable of achieving greatness—let us provide the mental toughness and emotional stability to get them there!

In today’s competitive sports environment, parents worry about their teen athletes not achieving their dreams or facing setbacks like injuries, choking at the big moment. Our 16-week Elite Warrior Program is designed to address these concerns, providing the emotional strength and power needed to navigate challenges and the mental ability to maintain peak performance.

We focus on mental peak performance and cutting-edge modalities to protect their emotional well-being for a lifetime. By building mental resilience, athletes can handle pressure, stay committed, and keep their heads in the game, no matter their obstacles. Our focus on emotional wellness ensures that your high-performing teen has the tools to manage stress & anxiety, bounce back from setbacks, and maintain a positive outlook, setting us apart in mental performance training.


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  • “What if my teen doesn’t make the team? How will they cope?

  • “Can my teen balance sports, academics, and personal life effectively?”​

  • “Can my teen handle the pressure of haters on social media, when they make a mistake?”

  • “How will my teen stay motivated after a major setback?”

  • "What happens if my teen doesn’t get the scholarship or the college of their dream?"

  • “What if my teen gets injured? Will they bounce back emotionally?”

  • “How can I ensure my teen maintains a positive mindset under stress?”

  • "What if the college offer falls through at the last minute?"


Yes, they are—and here’s how we will make sure of it at Teen Warrior Academy:

  • Customized Mental Resilience Training:

    • We tailor our approach to each athlete’s unique strengths and challenges, building their mental toughness to handle pressure and bounce back from setbacks. We use NLP techniques such as reframing and anchoring to give them a mental performance advantage.

  • Cutting-Edge Emotional Wellness Techniques: 

    • Our program includes innovative modalities such as red light therapy, grounding practices, and vagus nerve stimulation to support emotional well-being and stress management. We also employ NLP techniques to help athletes remove limiting beliefs and release negative emotions from past events, ensuring they grow and stay emotionally clean energetically.

  • Goal Setting and Achievement:

    • We teach athletes to set realistic, actionable goals and provide the tools and support to achieve them, fostering a sense of accomplishment and motivation. Their dedicated coach/mentor and peers in the pod will hold each teen accountable, helping them stay on track and reach their mini-milestones on the way to their big dreams.

  • Mindfulness and Visualization Practices:

    • Through guided mindfulness and visualization exercises, we help athletes enhance focus, reduce anxiety, and mentally prepare for competitions and challenges. Since our coaches are certified in NLP and Hypnosis, we customize hypno-meditations and visualizations for each teen throughout the program.

  • Leadership and Team Culture Development:

    • We empower our athletes to contribute positively to their team environments by teaching them how to cultivate and sustain a healthy team culture. This approach strengthens individual leadership skills and fosters a cohesive, supportive, and resilient team dynamic, ultimately enhancing overall team performance and unity.

  • Positive Self-Talk and Confidence Building:

    • We instill techniques for cultivating positive inner dialogue, boosting confidence, and maintaining a strong, resilient mindset. Teens learn to use reframing and the circle of control to effectively manage their thoughts and emotions.

  • Parental and Coaching Support:

    • We engage parents and coaches throughout the program, providing them with the tools and strategies to continue effectively supporting their athletes and ensuring a holistic and supportive environment. It takes a village, and these teens need reinforcement from all angles.

  • Preparation for Uncontrolled Setbacks:

    • In the event they don’t achieve their dream due to uncontrolled circumstances, we have prepared their emotional and mental state to handle this and to pivot with the least amount of emotional distress possible. So, parents, It'll hurt, but it will be OK!

At Teen Warrior Academy, we believe every teen can achieve greatness. Our comprehensive program equips them with the mental and emotional skills they need to thrive in sports and life.


Your teen is built for this; we are here to ensure they succeed.


  • Unlike conventional methods, we leverage NLP to cultivate long-term mental and emotional health in teens.

  • Sessions feature calming music and essential oil aroma therapy.

  • Sessions begin with grounding, meditative music, or sound bath & journaling.

  • Practices are reinforced regularly to build habits and routines.

  • Sessions conclude with red light therapy and meditative practices, such as  gong sound baths or hypno-meditation, after week 4 the hypno-meditations are personalized to your teen.

  • Weekly self-care reinforcements instill a strong, ongoing habit for teens to value daily self-care.

  • Our Elite Warrior program comes with five sessions of Neurogen High-Performance Neurofeedback for your teen. (Book separately with our trusted partner, Neurogen Brain Balancing of The East Valley)


Added Benefits

  • Experience cutting-edge modalities

  • Small Groups for Peer Support/Advice

  • Private one-to-one with a coach/mentor when needed via Slack.

  • Support for the parents, interact with other parents and our coaches/mentors for guidance via custom Slack channel.

When and Where do we meet

Pods Start at our new Chandler location in July 2024:

  • Pods are being formed now! 

  • Day and Evening Sessions are available

Meeting location:

25 S. Arizona Place, Chandler, AZ 85225

Who Can Enroll

  • Those who are willing to show up and put in the work!

  • Those looking to reduce stress & anxiety

  • Those looking to increase their mental performance mindset.

  • Those who desire to be the Elite and best in their field.

Details & Pricing

  • Meet 1 x weekly 

  • 90-minute meet-ups

  • Casual Environment indoors and outdoors, in the heart of downtown Chandler.

  • Pods are separated by gender to ensure a comfortable and relatable environment

  • Cost is $2700 for 16 weeks (16 sessions)

  • Students receive a grounding mat to keep and incorporate in their daily lives.

Parents, we are right in the heart of downtown Chandler, so go enjoy a meal or a little shopping while your teen/tween is making friends and learning.

You may also work at our space, we have plenty of separate areas for that.

25 S. Arizona Place, 5th Floor - Chandler, Arizona 85225 (The Alexander Building)

Still have questions? Set up a free consultation now!

Samantha (14 yr-old-twin-boys)

"Thank you so much for being that go-to person for me and my boys. The skills you have taught all of us are life-changing. Our home is more organized chaos instead of crazy chaos, and it feels great."
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