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Welcome to our Teen Programs at
Teen Warrior Academy

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"The greatest legacy we can leave for our children isn't just success, but the wisdom & life skills to forge their success."   ~Suzi Freeman

Our Services

Mentorship Pods

Discover a transformative peer mentorship program where kids build lasting friendships, boost confidence, and master social skills. Through engaging activities and expert guidance, they’ll learn to communicate effectively, set healthy boundaries, and find their true tribe. Empower your child to thrive socially and emotionally in a supportive environment.

Warrior's Edge

This executive function program hones vital skills like time management, focus, and organization, effectively reducing stress and anxiety for teens. These foundational skills not only enhance productivity and decision-making but also serve as essential tools for navigating life's challenges, promoting lifelong success and confidence.

Mental Grit

Unlock your teen's potential with our transformative program. They'll define core values, embrace individuality, and build confidence. Our program teaches resilience, self-care, and emotional intelligence, helping them face life's challenges with strength and authenticity. Watch your teen become a confident, resilient warrior.

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  • Unlike conventional methods, we leverage NLP to cultivate long-term mental and emotional health in teens.

  • Classes feature calming music and essential oil aroma therapy.

  • Sessions begin with grounding, meditative music, or sound bath & journaling.

  • Practices are reinforced regularly to build habits and routines.

  • Sessions conclude with meditative practices, gong sound baths or hypno-meditation, and red light therapy.

  • Weekly self-care reinforcements instill a strong, ongoing habit for teens to value daily self-care.

  • Every coaching program comes with three sessions of Neurogen Brain Balancing for your teen or you. (Book separately with our trusted partner)


Why Our Programs are 16 Weeks

Habit Formation: It takes time to form new habits, and a 4+ month program provides the sustained focus needed to internalize new routines and skills.

Resilience During Setbacks: Teens will likely encounter challenges or setbacks over longer periods of time. A 4+ month program provides the support system and resources to navigate these hurdles, teaching resilience and problem-solving skills that are essential for long-term mental and emotional health.

Emotional and Mental Maturation: Adolescence is a period of rapid development. You need a program that is long enough to witness and guide significant emotional and mental maturation, offering teachable moments that align with the teens' evolving mental states and capacities.

Sustainability of Change: Short-term interventions, such as workshops and week long camps may offer quick fixes but often fail to provide sustainable solutions. A longer mentorship/coaching program allows for the gradual incorporation of new routines, attitudes, and understandings, embedding them as permanent fixtures in the teens' lives, thereby ensuring the longevity of the positive changes made.

At Teen Warrior Academy, we offer two powerful pillars of support: specialized coaching programs and mentorship peer support pods, each powerful alone but transformative together.

Coaching Programs: (Pillar One)

  • Personalized Growth: Tailored sessions focusing on developing individual strengths, coping strategies, and emotional resilience.

  • Structured Curriculum: A series of courses designed to teach critical life skills such as stress management, personal values and purpose, and executive functions in a structured format.

  • Skill Acquisition: Offers in-depth knowledge and practice in specific areas like mindfulness, communication styles, and goal setting to equip teens/tweens with lifelong skills.

  • Certified Guidance: Led by professionals certified in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, TIME Techniques and more ensuring expert advice and support.

  • Progress Tracking: Continuous assessment and feedback on the teen/tween's development through the program.

  • Comprehensive Approach: Combines various therapeutic and coaching methodologies to address the mental and emotional wellness of teens and tweens holistically.

Mentorship Peer Support Pods: (Pillar Two)

  • Community Support: Small, intimate groups provide a safe space for tweens and teens to connect, share experiences, and support each other.

  • Real-Time Dialogue: Encourages open discussion on current challenges, offering peer insights and mentor-led guidance.

  • Flexible Topics: Sessions include a brief lesson on relevant themes like self-love or compassion, followed by open discussion tailored to the group's current needs.

  • Peer Learning: Opportunities for tweens and teens to learn from the experiences and perspectives of their peers, promoting empathy and understanding.

  • Empowerment Through Sharing: Structured to ensure each participant has a chance to voice their thoughts, promoting confidence and active listening skills.

  • Less Formal, More Relational: Focuses on building relationships and mutual understanding within the group, rather than structured skill acquisition.

Samantha (14 yr-old-twin-boys)

"Thank you so much for being that go-to person for me and my boys. The skills you have taught all of us are life-changing. Our home is more organized chaos instead of crazy chaos, and it feels great."

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