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TWA's Powerful Programs

Our programs are all designed to nurture your teens mental and emotional wellbeing while teaching them essential skills that will benefit them in all areas of life through these tough teen years and into adulthood.

Our Exclusive 12- Week Programs

  • All of our programs are on a 12-week rotation. Your teen/tween can jump in at any time and they won't miss a thing. 

  • Our programs are $1297 per program (12 weeks), except for private mentorship and coaching.

  • All of our programs allow 10-14 teens/tweens at one time. 

  • All of our meetings occur in the 1st, 2nd, and 4th week of the month. We do not have meetings anytime during the 3rd week of the month. But the teens may have a video lesson.

  • Teens have access to additional support throughout the program. We have a community chat within our app, and they can schedule a 15-minute Zoom meeting with a mentee during open hours.

Friendship Circle

Jr. High Girls

Jr. High school girls, it is hard to find your tribe; I know - I have twin 7th-grade daughters!

In this group, you will learn how to be a friend, find your tribe, build self-confidence, self-awareness, self-love, and all the things that will help you decide if they are your BFF or Not A Friend.

The girls spend time in the friendship circle building trust, sharing feelings, giving advice, and being real.


Saturdays: 10 am - 12 pm 

AGE: 6th - 8th grade girls

Junior Warriors
Jr. High Boys

Small group peer mentorship program. This is a safe place to talk, seek advice, learn friendship skills, emotional intelligence, emotional regulation, how to handle peer pressure, and so much more.

This group is a go-with-the-flow group. We spend our time working on the immediate needs of the boys, and our peers are here to support each other.

The boys will learn valuable techniques and life-long skills to help them reduce stress and anxiety and regulate emotions.

Saturdays: 12:30 - 2:00 pm
AGE: 6th - 8th grade boys

Executive Skills
High School

Think of executive skills (functions) as the command center of the brain. They help teens manage time, stay organized, control impulses, and juggle multiple tasks successfully. 

Fine-tuning will boost any teens ability to:

✅ Resolve Conflicts

✅ Control Emotions

✅ Resist Peer Pressure

✅ Assess Risks

✅ Get Organized ✅ Follow Through ✅ Work Independently ✅ Manage a Schedule ✅ Pay Attention ✅ Plan Ahead Developing these skills is crucial because they lay the groundwork for academic success, responsible decision-making, and navigating complex social environments. Strengthening executive functions gives your teen a competitive edge, setting them up for excellence in school, future careers, and personal life.  It's like upgrading their internal software to run more efficiently in the fast-paced world they're growing up in, which will reduce stress, overwhelm, and anxiety all the things that can lead to depression in teens.

Mondays: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

High School Program (co-ed), 9th - 12th grade:

Beat Stress & Boost Success

Teens continually encounter unique challenges that extend beyond the classroom, often overlooked by traditional education. 


This is a 90-day intensive that is laser-focused on empowering your teen with healthy habits, routines, and discipline, setting SMART goals and implementing strategies to stick to those goals as well as anxiety and stress management.

✅ Module One: Habits/Routines/Discipline ✅ Module Two: Goals/Strategies ✅ Module Three: Stress/Anxiety Reduction 🤩 Small Group Mentorship, 14 teens per pod ➡️ Private, Moderated Community Chat with Peers 💪 QPR Certification for the entire family 🧠 Mental Health Awareness Training Online Course 🩷 Daily Gratitude Journal (downloadable) ✅ 12-Week Happiness Workbook - upon course completion 😀 Ability for additional support during open office hours

Saturdays: (9th-12th grade)

🦋 Girls: 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

🐸 Boys: 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

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