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Teen Mentorship Groups

"Empowering Teens,
Guiding Parents

Building Bonds!"

Communication between Parents and Teen can be a challenge.
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At Teen Warrior Academy, we believe in fostering growth and igniting the potential in every teen we interact with. Headquartered in Gilbert, Arizona, we specialize in a holistic approach to mentorship, focusing not just on mental performance but, more importantly, on mental wellness.


  • Provide a nurturing environment where we listen and hold space for your teen, guiding them through the process of identifying their core values and defining their purpose while fine-tuning the executive skills needed to master the future of college, career, and relationships!

  • Offering a range of programs, including unique mental performance mentorship for teens and mastermind groups for parents.


But no matter the program, our commitment to core values, finding purpose, and mental well-being education remains constant. While we concentrate our services on Southern USA, our virtual door is open to all.

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How Can We Help You Today?

Teen Small
Group Mentorship

Looking for an affordable way to get specialized mentorship for your teen?

Suzi leads a 12-month small group mentorship program that is filled with learning, listening, sharing and confidence building skills, with a mental wellness focus.

Benefits of a small group is that the teens get to learn from each other, get advice from peers and make friends.

We allow up to 12 participants per group & we keep them gender specific for the comfort of sharing.

Parent Mastery Coaching program and masterminds is included!

Parent Masterminds:
Avoid Family Rumors

In Person groups designed to equip parents with the knowledge and confidence to support and understand their teens better.

Also a great place to offload some worry and ask questions without judgment or fear of that "family rumor".

6-month program, meeting 1x month for 90 minutes. We allow up to 8 participants per Mastermind Pod.

Single Dad of a teenager? We have a specific mastermind pod just for you coming soon!

Life-Changing Luxury Retreats

Our Parent/Teen Retreats offer a unique opportunity to build strong bonds, foster strong communication, and create life-long memories.

Through a variety of activities, parents and teens will develop a better understanding of each other and build a more meaningful relationship.

Our retreats provide a safe and supportive environment for parents and teens to share their thoughts and feelings. Leave with a renewed appreciation of each other, and new tools to help you navigate life's challenges together.

Coming Summer of 2024!

Teen Warrior Box

Parents, are you fearful of starting a conversation around mental health and suicide with your teen?


The Teen Warrior Box is an innovative solution designed to support parents and teens in having an open and honest conversation around hard topics such as mental health and suicide. These are crucial conversation that many parents shy away from due to a lack of knowledge and fear of not knowing how to approach the subject in a sensitive and effective manner.

By empowering parents & teens with the necessary tools and resources, the box helps to break down the barriers to communication around these tough topics and more, making it easier for families to have important conversations that build trust, lasting bonds and that could ultimately save lives.

About Our Founder, Suzi Freeman

A seasoned mother of five and grandmother of two, Suzi Freeman carries a personal narrative that fuels her passion for the work she does. In her 20s, 30s, and 40s, Suzi battled suicidal ideation, a struggle that became her why. She understands firsthand that the foundation laid in our teenage years heavily influences our adulthood. Suzi believes that if she had someone during her teenage years to educate her about mental wellness and equip her with the tools to cope with stress, anxiety, and trauma, her struggles could have been mitigated.

Today, Suzi dedicates her life to ensuring that teens and tweens don't walk the path she did. Known for her wit and smart advice, Suzi is affectionately dubbed the 'parent whisperer.' Her direct, clear, and empathetic approach to mentorship provides a safe and supportive environment for growth and understanding. Suzi holds her clients accountable but always with a clear path forward.

In Suzi's capable hands, Teen Warrior Academy becomes more than a mentorship program. It becomes a haven where teens can learn about mental wellness and equip themselves with coping skills, and where parents can gain the confidence and knowledge to support their children better.

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