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Warrior's Edge: AM (co-ed)

Executive Functions: 6th - 12th grade: co-ed

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Gilbert, AZ

Service Description

The Warriors Edge Coaching Program hones your teens' executive functions, the brain's command center that orchestrates time management, organization, impulse control, and multitasking prowess. Enhancing these skills amplifies your teen's capacity to navigate life's demands with agility and success. ​ Developing these skills is crucial because they lay the groundwork for academic success, responsible decision-making, and navigating complex social environments. Strengthening executive functions gives your teen a competitive edge, setting them up for excellence in school, future careers, and personal life.  It's like upgrading their internal software to run more efficiently in the fast-paced world they're growing up in, which will reduce stress, overwhelm, and anxiety all the things that can lead to depression in teens. Course Outline: ✅ Resolve Conflicts ✅ Control Emotions ✅ Resist Peer Pressure ✅ Assess Risks ✅ Get Organized ✅ Follow Through ✅ Work Independently ✅ Manage a Schedule ✅ Pay Attention ✅ Plan Ahead​ 🌈 Bonuses and Additional Info: 🌈 All of our programs are on a 12-week rotation. Your teen/tween can jump in at any time and they won't miss a thing.  🌈 All of our programs allow 10-14 teens/tweens at one time, we like to keep the groups small and interactive. 🌈 Teens have access to additional support throughout the program. We have a moderated community chat within our app, and they can schedule a 15-minute Zoom meeting with a mentor during open hours.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Teen Warrior Academy is a quarterly commitment for our programs and mentorships. AM Squad and PM Squad’s full price for a quarterly commitment is $897, this is the price you are agreeing to pay for the TWA Program, with interest-free monthly installments of $299. 

 The Mentorship only: The full price for a quarterly commitment is $537, this is the price you are agreeing to pay for the TWA Mentorship Program, with interest-free monthly installments of $179. You are set on a monthly auto-renew. You are responsible for canceling your quarterly membership via your portal or by sending an email to 30 days before the end of your renewal period. You are acknowledging that you have read all of our privacy policies, terms and disclaimers, TWA membership terms, and agreement. You can find those documents here: If you have questions, please email

Contact Details

  • 70 South Val Vista Drive, Gilbert, AZ, USA


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