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Relationship Grit - 18+ (online & co-ed)

Young Adults Class (18+) Online Class & Co-Ed

  • Started Apr 21
  • 897 US dollars
  • Zoom Live Online Course

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Imagine your child, armed not just with knowledge, but with the wisdom to recognize and foster healthy relationships, the courage to set and respect boundaries, and the strength to stand up against manipulation and emotional harm. This course promises to transform vulnerability into empowerment, ensuring your child not only survives the challenges of adolescence but thrives as a compassionate, confident individual. In a time when the pressures on our young ones are more intense than ever, can we afford not to give them every tool at our disposal to build a future rich in positive, nurturing connections? Let "Relationship Grit" be the gift you give your teen/tween or young adult child—the key to unlocking their potential in friendships, family bonds, and beyond. **This course must be started on the start date and all classes attended to get the full learning, each class builds on the next. We do offer a virtual Zoom-in option for classes you may need to miss. You will get live access to the actual class and have the ability to chat, ask questions, etc just as if you were in the classroom.** COURSE OUTLINE: 🟠 Introduction to Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships 🟠 Understanding Narcissism  🟠 Strategies to Handle Narcissistic Behavior 🟠 Unpacking Gaslighting 🟠 Countering Gaslighting 🟠 Recognizing Manipulative Behaviors 🟠 Responding to Manipulation 🟠 Boundary Violations in Relationships 🟠 Dealing With Emotional Abuse 🟠 Strategies to Address Emotional Abuse 🟠 Creating Positive Relationship Dynamics 🟠 Course Review and Moving Forward COURSE GOALS: ✅  In every session of our course, beyond the primary lessons on navigating and understanding relationships, We are dedicated to embedding powerful mini-lessons aimed at fortifying the self-esteem of every participant. These mini-lessons were carefully designed to convey a crucial message: how others treat us does not define our worth. ✅ Our goal is to ensure that by the end of this course, our young participants will not only be equipped with the skills to manage relationships and set healthy boundaries but also carry with them an unshakeable belief in their values and the confidence to express their authentic selves. 🌈 Participants have access to additional support throughout the program. We have a moderated community chat within our app to access mentors and coaches, and you will receive email support.

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Teen Warrior Academy is a quarterly commitment for our programs and mentorships. AM Squad and PM Squad’s full price for a quarterly commitment is $897, this is the price you are agreeing to pay for the TWA Program, with interest-free monthly installments of $299. 

 The Mentorship only: The full price for a quarterly commitment is $537, this is the price you are agreeing to pay for the TWA Mentorship Program, with interest-free monthly installments of $179. You are set on a monthly auto-renew. You are responsible for canceling your quarterly membership via your portal or by sending an email to 30 days before the end of your renewal period. You are acknowledging that you have read all of our privacy policies, terms and disclaimers, TWA membership terms, and agreement. You can find those documents here: If you have questions, please email

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