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Welcome to
Grace & Grit at
Teen Warrior Academy

Our Custom 16-Week Program for High School Girls in Mental & Emotional Resilience

"True grit is facing life's obstacles with unwavering determination and a heart full of courage."

Grace & Grit our Exclusive 16-Week
Mental & Emotional Wellness Program
for Teen Girls

Designed exclusively for girls in 9-12th grade, the Grace & Grit program fosters self-love and self-worth through the lens of strength, courage, and authenticity.


This course addresses societal pressures and highlights the importance of mental health, empowering girls to embrace self-care in a way that resonates with their experiences and interests.

Throughout the 16 weeks, participants will delve into defining and understanding their core values and purpose.


They will learn how to make choices that align with these values and reevaluate them as needed. The program includes a 90-day values journal to guide this journey.

What Your Daughter Will Learn in Our Grace & Grit Program

  • Defining Core Values and Purpose:

    • Utilizing reflective NLP exercises to help teens identify their values and align life goals.

  • Introduction to Empathy for Self & Others:

    • Life coaching dialogues to deepen understanding of personal and others' feelings.

  • Building Self-Worth:

    • Positive affirmations and visualizations to strengthen inner dialogue and self-acceptance.

  • Self-Respect & Personal Boundaries:

    • Coaching on assertiveness techniques to communicate and uphold personal boundaries effectively.

  • The Power of Positive Self-Talk:

    • Using NLP to reframe negative thoughts and promote a positive mental outlook.

  • Embracing Individuality & Authenticity:

    • Activities that highlight unique strengths and values, fostering genuine self-expression.

  • The Importance of Self-Care:

    • Coaching on creating personal self-care routines that promote mental and physical well-being.

  • Building Confidence through Competence:

    • Skill-building sessions that demonstrate mastery through progressive challenges.

  • Navigating Failures with Self-Compassion:

    • Lessons on viewing setbacks as learning opportunities, and fostering resilience.

  • The Role of Gratitude in Self-Love:

    • Daily gratitude exercises to enhance positive emotions and self-appreciation.

  • Setting and Pursuing Personal Goals:

    • Goal-setting techniques to visualize and achieve personal aspirations.

  • Positive Psychology & Gratitude:

    • Introducing principles of positive psychology to cultivate a mindset of abundance and gratitude.

  • Releasing Negative Emotions:

    • Employing TIME Techniques to purge negative feelings from the subconscious, much like removing lint to enhance a dryer's function and prevent hazards.


  • Unlike conventional methods, we leverage NLP to cultivate long-term mental and emotional health in teens.

  • Classes feature calming music and essential oil aroma therapy.

  • Sessions begin with grounding, meditative music, or sound bath & journaling.

  • Practices are reinforced regularly to build habits and routines.

  • Sessions conclude with meditative practices, gong sound baths or hypno-meditation, and red light therapy.

  • Weekly self-care reinforcements instill a strong, ongoing habit for teens to value daily self-care.

  • Every coaching program comes with three sessions of Neurogen Brain Balancing for your teen or you. (Book separately with our trusted partner)


Added Benefits

  • Teens Develop Healthy, Non-Negotiable Self-Care Routines

  • Build Emotional and Mental Resilience

  • Small Groups for Peer Support/Advice

  • Private one-to-one with a coach/mentor when needed via Zoom, Phone, or Text

  • Build strong new friend connections

When and Where do we meet

Classes Start at our new Chandler Location in July 11, 2024:

  • Mondays from 3:30 - 5:00 PM

AM classes coming in August of 2024


25 S. Arizona Place, Floor 5, Chandler AZ 85225 (The Alexander Building)

Who Can Enroll

  • Teens Girls 9th - 12th Grade

  • Those looking to get a better understanding of mental and emotional wellness

  • Those looking to reduce stress & anxiety

  • Kids seeking a supportive environment to share their thoughts and feelings

Details & Pricing

  • Meet 1 x weekly 

  • 90-minute meet-ups

  • Casual Environment indoors and outdoors, in the heart of downtown Chandler.

  • Pods are separated by gender to ensure a comfortable and relatable environment

  • $3200 for 16 weeks (16 sessions)

Parents, we are right in the heart of downtown Chandler, so go enjoy a meal or a little shopping while your teen/tween is making friends and learning.

You may also work at our space, we have plenty of separate areas for that.

25 S. Arizona Place, 5th Floor - Chandler, Arizona 85225 (The Alexander Building)

Still have questions? Set up a free consultation now!

Samantha (14 yr-old-twin-boys)

"Thank you so much for being that go-to person for me and my boys. The skills you have taught all of us are life-changing. Our home is more organized chaos instead of crazy chaos, and it feels great."
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