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College Recreation

90-Day Set-Up for Success

"Set Up for Lifetime Success in Just 90 Days: Lay the Foundation for Achieving Goals, Building Healthy Habits, and Reducing Stress—The Skills You Need for High School, College, and Beyond!"

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We Introduce this intensive program in January so that it will wrap up in April. The teens who complete this program have a much higher rate of joy and ease through those hard months compared to teens without coaching and mentorship!

Foundation of the Program

This Program is Offered Once Per Year

Limited Spots Available!

Benefits of the Program & Why it Works

  • Holistic Personal Development:  Gain well-rounded skills essential for academic, emotional, and career success.

  • Healthy Habit Formation:  Learn the art of creating sustainable habits that contribute to physical and mental well-being.

  • Effective Goal-Setting:  Master the techniques for setting SMART goals that pave the way for achieving long-term objectives.

  • Stress Management:  Acquire proven strategies to manage and reduce stress and anxiety, improving overall mental health.

  • Time Management Skills:  Develop routines and disciplines that optimize productivity, helping to balance school, work, and personal life.

  • Enhanced Self-Awareness:  Discover personal strengths and areas for improvement, empowering better decision-making.

  • Emotional Resilience:  Build emotional strength to tackle life's challenges, enhancing interpersonal relationships and self-esteem.

  • Academic Preparedness:  Get a competitive edge in school by applying strategies and routines that boost focus and performance.

  • College Readiness:  Gain essential skills to transition smoothly from high school to college and adapt to new academic and social settings.

  • Career Success:  Lay the groundwork for professional achievements by mastering the soft skills employers look for.

  • Lifelong Learning:  Develop a growth mindset that fosters continuous improvement and adaptability.

  • Accountability:  Daily lessons and activities encourage consistent engagement and commitment, instilling a sense of responsibility.

  • Community Support:  Benefit from a network of peers going through the same journey, providing mutual encouragement and support.

  • Investment in the Future:  Acquire valuable life skills that will pay dividends in various aspects of life, far beyond the teenage years.

This Program is One of a Kind

Limited Spots Available!

Program Structure

  • Daily Lessons:  Teens will receive a daily lesson between 5 - 15 minutes; we break it down so that it can fit into any teen's schedule.

  • Twice Monthly Mentorship:  Teens will virtually gather in a group of ten with Suzi as the Facilitator to have a discussion about the lessons and to gain more clarity if needed. This is a great place for teens to learn tips and tricks from each other! This is over 10 hours of mentorship for your teen.

  • Individual Support: Teens can book individual mini-sessions during open office hours for laser-focused guidance. 

  • Special Guest Expert:  Teens will have a bonus live session with a special guest expert. They can ask questions and learn even more techniques.

  • Daily Gratitude Journal:  Teens will get a downloadable daily gratitude journal that teaches them the importance of a daily practice of gratitude.

  • Additional Training:  Teens will receive access to the 12-week to Happiness mini-course upon completion of the 90-Day Set-Up for Success Program.

  • Additional Support:  Teens have access to Suzi for additional support during the 90 days by booking time during open office hours. 

  • QPR Certification:  Teens and their families have access to the certification course in QPR, suicide and recognition.

  • Mental Wellness Awareness:  Teens get access to the masterclass on awareness of Teen Mental Health = Signs, Symptoms, and Coping Skills.

  • Peer Support:  Teens will meet up to ten other teens within their pod and can gain valuable support and additional support.

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